Choice Cannonballs

by Daniel Levi Goans

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released September 23, 2009



all rights reserved


Daniel Levi Goans North Carolina

Heeding to the winds and the waves on the Bay, BrotherStranger looks into the loneliest moments of human experience with a piercing gaze that weaves them into a place of tenderness and safety. These meditations are nestled in a poetic cadence that resists modern cynicism and fragmentation while harkening to a place in our hearts and our heritage that recognizes the sacred nature of narrative. ... more

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Track Name: Wind in the Trees
Stars are ringing, bringing rain
Shocking clouds with light
Thunder breaking window panes
Fighting back the night
Wind is singing joyfully
Beating on my screen
Wooden doors strike wooden frames
Blows brought by the unseen

Wind in the trees
Breezes knock my knees
I can hear the secret songs
They condescend to me

Voices dark and bright
Overwhelm the wet terrain
Flashing eyes shine out from the void
Breaking shadows up with flames (Breaking up shadows with flames)
Electric mist coats everything
And I breathe it in my lungs
The ground beneath is rumbling
With the unseen dancing young

And the symphony burns brilliant
Neath the bleak sky streaked with white
The ocean bell keeps casting spells
Raising spirits in my mind
Track Name: Heights So High
You see the green trees, you know the summer eaves
Where we sometimes say
That we could leave the ground, no skin to weigh us down
And spin up into space
Sweet music rains down from towering clouds
Filled with amber grain
Our ears catch the sound, which shakes the very ground
With a soft and soaring sound

I see a brilliant sky, I see from heights so high
Heights so high

You see the spring leaves, you know the golden sheaves
Where the dreamers stay
They laugh and revel loud at the wholly torn shroud
And keep their fears at bay
Track Name: American Hearts
American hearts are always moving to the west,
Breaking borders, pushing lines, claiming without rest
The setting sun it leads the way at the end of every day
Tracing paths through humid air to sleep in Pacific seaspray.
I’ve heard tell of prison cells built inside the brain
I’ve seen the spark leap from your lips and set the ground aflame

Set me free,
Set me free

Sons are leaving home by night, shaking off the chains
Daughters laugh under moonlight, escaping by trains and planes
Highway friends reach out their hands to feel the slanted rain
Madame George is ringing out over Black Diamond Bay
The stars are painted on your face, a sign for all to see
You wonder why the people stare, when you dance wild and free

Twisting roads and concrete stones and a spray paint overpass
Building speed and overheated pistons firing fast
Shining dreams and sunset beams revive the cold, hard heart
And chiming bells and songs dispel the fear of coming apart
Freedom Riders bravely board buses in the East
Fire flies from upturned eyes, we did our best at least
Voices sounding in my brain, building walls of glass
There’s no more far away my friend, I’ll be a stranger til I pass
Track Name: Houses
spires, towers, spinning lights
lines are dotted red and white
mazes, gridlock, open eyes
scenic view of hard pressed lies

open windows, shot gun shells
burned up pages, ringing bells
a tarnished coin, an empty well
a father’s daughter’s prison cell

smoke is rising, burning white
heat colliding with the night (knife)
a hundred names a thousand sighs
get emptied out into the sky

smoke and songs are burning bright
mingling with the blue midnight
chimneys stand like sentinels
sending out choice cannonballs

the night is breathing in the sound
mixed up, furious, and loud
voices rise up to the clouds
like a swirling, violent crown

the wind is blowing on the hill
shaking curtains, whistling shrill
the age old story, of the old mill
thin cigarettes are burning still

an open wound, a family name
a farewell souvenir in flames
a lover’s shattered window pane
an old man’s smiling worn-out game

four walls on that crooked lane
four walls filled with four last names
four lives and four hurricanes
four young faces board a train
Track Name: All You Do Is Talk
All you like to do, baby all you like to do is talk to me baby (x2)
Your lips keep right on moving, I just want your feet to do some provin’
But all you like to do, baby all you like to do is keep talking to me baby

My ears sure are tired baby, they are filled with your whining, your crying sounds
Please dry those pretty eyes, baby still those lonely sighs
My ears sure feel tired, worn out from all the whining, the crying sounds

I hate to see you go baby, I hate to see you go, but I’m still watching, yes I’m still watching
You took a righteous stand, told me to be a man, but I’m still watching
Watching you walk away

All you like to do baby, all you like to do is talk to me
I thought I could keep listening, but I just can’t keep from bristling
I just don’t like to hear you talk no more, not no more

So take a righteous stand, so say I’m just a man, baby, that’s right, just a man
Track Name: Get Off My Back
Moonlight filling up my dreams
And I got to know your name
Symphonies and silver leaves
Pushing back the shame
Ironclad broke down renegade
Pulling at my strings
Speaking curses at my back
As I press on un-singed

Get off my back, I can’t carry you
Get off my back, I don’t want to

Visions flash before my eyes
And they keep me up at night
Grand cathedrals, towers, and steeples
Appear among my sighs
Sneaking men with snaking eyes
Fill the air with dust
Striking fear with smiling sneers
And breaking up my trust

Phantom figures filled with gold
Do not resonate
With discordant, upturned days
Not all love, some hate
Friends and foes both criticize me
Chaining me with names
I’ll fill my ears with fiery tears
To still the naming game
Track Name: Suitcase Man
There was a suitcase man,
Did all that he can,
Started out walking
Singing with lifted hands
The suitcase man

The suitcase man,
Even when he began,
Had brains and a Bible,
Taking a threatening stand

Here comes the suitcase man,
Packing unpopular plans
Trading walking for bus rides
All through the darkened Southland.

How can you measure a man?
By the strength of his hands
The color of his skin
Or the horrors that he stands
So asked the suitcase man

There goes the suitcase man
He holds no gun in his hand
Got locked up for talking
Down in Birmingham
That’s the suitcase man

There went the suitcase man,
To Memphis Tennessee land
A bullet tore through his body
It tore through his plans

Bombs are exploding,
Church bells are broken
The people are choking
And the country’s reeling
The people are feeling
A change a’coming
In the early morning
Time for a new dawning
And a new foundation
For their children to stand on
The new generation
Free from domination
Living lives full of freedom
Track Name: Sunglasses
Black and backward, magazine sunrise
Weeping gypsy, laughter in her lies
Dancing soldier, glancing right to left,
Silent rhythms, making loud requests
I fly solo, eyes held back by reins
A blood red hobo, transformed in the brain

All the onlookers stand amazed
It’s a righteous, sure-fire, bona fide black bouquet
Hidden eyes sparkling, heart of darkness,
You know I’m ready, its Saturday night.

Black and backward, immaculate surprise
Brand new hometown, a comfortable disguise,
Colors slowed down, covered up with lead,
People toned down, dimmed and dark instead
My hand is steady, my gaze is guaranteed
Even my footfalls, now show subtlety.

All the onlookers stand amazed
It’s a righteous, sure-fire, bona fide black bouquet
Hidden eyes sparkling, heart of darkness
You know I’m ready, its Saturday night.

Looking through mirrors down from the throne
Iconoclast of salt and chrome
He swaggers, walks alone
Hand is steady, its Saturday night.
Track Name: No Place Feels Like Home
Even when I was a baby
It was deep down in my bones
I knew a restless kind of feeling
I knew I had to go
No place feels like home

When I was a young man
Blood pounded through my brain
Every single night and day
The highway called my name
I knew I could not stay
I knew I had to go
No place feels like home

A million different cities
A thousand different towns
Not one could hold me
No place can hold me down
No place feels like home

I thought when I’s an old man
The road it’d slow me down
But every day when I wake up
I feel the need to leave town
Still have a restless kind of feeling
I know I have to go
No place feels like home

The colors and the ocean
Break my skin and stretch my mind
It’s the only place big enough
The only home I can find
Even hundreds of miles of water
No land the eye can see
Even all that blue expanse
No place feels like home to me
Track Name: Southside Blues
On my final day
In my final hour
When I saw your face
Nothing to do but smile
Fire leapt up
From your fingertips
I felt the cold steel
Of the pistol grip

She put the red dress on
With eyes painted black
Met me down that road
With her suitcase packed
Bright lights and moving pictures
All spoke my name
Til burning lead
Cut through my brain
Track Name: Ballad of Saudade
In the morning when the sky is grey
I’ll blow a kiss as I sail away
I’ll cross the ocean and I’ll reach the land
I’ll drop the anchor and I’ll kiss the sand
I’ll leave the boat there drifting off the shore
I’ll walk toward Eden where I was before
The lonesome ocean song is all I hear
The lonesome night makes the stars appear

Love, come to me
Love, speak sweetly
Love, make me whole
Love, don’t let me grow old

In the evening when the lights will fade
I’ll stand on top of the roof and sway
I’ll move in rhythm with the silent clouds
I’ll play a melody that’s fierce and loud
Every night I’ll dream of you, so dark and bright
Your beauty’s written in night’s starry skies
The gated garden it is closed to me
There’s remnants left still, don’t you agree

From the coast of Barcelona to the south of France
The boots of Spanish leather and linen pants
Her eyes shine with the beauty given only to night
That’s the type of beauty that God denied to daylight
Tomorrow morning when the sky is grey
I’ll blow a kiss and I’ll sail away
Track Name: Halo of the Moon
Before the sun comes up, I hear the morning
Before the sun comes up, I hear the morning
The warm light opens up my eyes, opens up my eyes
The warm light opens up my eyes, opens up my eyes

I see a brilliant sky, I see from heights so high
Heights so high

In the midday sun, under a stolen tree
In the midday sun, under our stolen tree
I breathe the precious air, it lifts me up off the ground
I breathe the precious air, it lifts me right up off the ground

I see into your eyes, I see a calm clean sight
A calm clean light

When the sun goes down, the night sky comes to life
When the sun goes down, the night sky comes to life
I smile at singing stars and the halo of the moon
I smile at singing stars and the halo of the moon

I sleep soundly
I dream peacefully
Under shaded trees